Marketing Best Practices for Ketamine Clinics

The idea of establishing a new ketamine clinic is an excellent option to assist patients with depression resistant to treatment. But, it’s not without numerous difficulties.

The first step to achieving growth is to develop a strategy to draw new patients.

In this post, we cover 6 marketing best practices for ketamine clinics to attract ideal patients.

Creating & Implementing a Web Chat

A web chat allows potential patients to talk to your company on your website in real-time. the process of setting up a chat platform is simple and inexpensive.

Webchat platforms can be used to draw visitors who are already on your website to guide and convert them into qualified leads. This tech can notify staff automatically to participate in live chat, or to provide predetermined responses depending on what the visitor asks.

Usually, these canned responses are answers to frequently asked questions.

Another advantage of using webchat is that, unlike ads via Google or social media platforms, you’ll drive engagement without spending money on ads.

Webchats are generally cost-effective and flexible regardless of how much traffic your website gets. Thus, this is one of the marketing best practices for ketamine clinics worth implementing as soon as possible.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

If a prospective client comes across your ketamine clinic, it’s likely they’ll do some research on you before committing to the service. When they’re researching your clinic, it’s crucial that your business looks professional and inviting.

Make sure you have a presence on Google. Manage your presence on the Google platform by making and maintaining your own Google My Business profile.

A well-managed profile has up-to-date business hours and contact information, along with high-resolution images of your clinic. We encourage welcoming pictures of front desk staff and owners, as well as photos of the treatment rooms and the waiting area.

By adding service descriptions with pictures, you’ll also help increase GMB authority. Repurposing content from your site simplifies things and can help build the same brand image across the internet.

Using Video Content

Video is utilized as a primary growth factor for many successful clinics for ketamine because it helps tell the story of ketamine injection therapy, esketamine, or intramuscular ketones.

Professionally produced video showcases the myths regarding ketamine. This also helps provide the background to the story of ketamine infusion therapy as well as how it aids in treating mental disease.

Animation-based “how-to” and “how this works” videos can be beneficial, too. We’re still a long way from achieving widespread adoption of alternative treatments like ketamine treatment for mental disease. In the meantime, videos will continue to be used to educate and attract prospective patients.

Qualifying Your Leads

As you’re running your video ads, it’s crucial to validate your leads. Be aware of the questions addressed during your lead generation procedure.

For example, people who watch a video ad and click it for more information should be taken to a squeeze page to take a brief survey. On this page, you can ask questions about the patients’ previous treatments, the number of antidepressant prescriptions they have, as well as the length of their depressive episode, and other insightful questions.

The more details you obtain when you conduct this lead generation procedure, the more likely you are to resonate with the prospective patient when you call them. Refer to the answers they gave when you call them.

Ensuring Your Enrollment Team is Prepared to Help Potential Patients

When a video has captured a prospect’s curiosity and a landing page has captured the lead, then it’s time to make contact with them. This is where the transition between marketing and sales happens.

Once you answer the phone, the person on the other end of that call will make a judgment within the first few seconds. The primary question that your potential customer is asking is, “Is this person capable of assisting me?

The majority of inquiries will be from people who need assistance. They might feel confused or unsure of the best way to help; they may also have tried various “solutions” to no avail.

Your patient enrollment team should play an essential role in assisting the person on the other end of the line. Empathy displayed in a loving and respectful manner builds confidence and increases the chances that the potential patient will commit to treatment, and attend the appointment they set.

Measuring & Tracking Results

Monitoring your ketamine clinic marketing efforts is essential. Begin by identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you’ll use to measure success.

For the generation of leads for your medical facility, it’s important to focus on the amount of money that’s spent on marketing, the number of leads it generates, how many consultations are scheduled and attended, as well as how many new patients are acquired.

Let’s suppose, for instance, you spent $1000 on advertising campaigns that produced 50 leads. Out of these leads, 20 made an appointment. Of the 20 appointments, 7 became your clinic’s patients. If we break this down to determine your lead acquisition costs, the cost per lead was $20. However, if we look at it from a cost per appointment perspective, the cost was higher at $50 per appointment. Analyzing these numbers further, your cost per acquisition was $143. Thus, if a typical case of ketamine generates $2,000 as the practice, you can expect to pay around $143 in order to generate an income of $2,000.

Not a bad ROI.

It’s possible to break these metrics down even further, revealing the cost per meaningful discussion, cost per visited appointment, and so on. Becoming aware of this particular area will allow you to plan and expand your marketing campaigns.

Closing on Marketing Best Practices for Ketamine Clinics

As ketamine clinics become more prevalent in society, the need to market them becomes increasingly apparent. The assistance these operations offer to those with mental health concerns is invaluable for some, especially those who have tried alternative treatment options without success.

Ultimately, as this industry grows, much like cannabis, we can expect some resistance. However, as the science continues to prove ketamine’s efficacy as a therapeutic treatment option, we believe this industry will need assistance marketing these services.

If you have any questions about marketing best practices for ketamine clinics, feel free to reach out! We’re always happy to help this emerging practice succeed.

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