Blog Post Ideas to Drive Traffic, Boost Authority, & Own Your Niche

Coming up with blog post ideas is time-consuming. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to talk about in a business blog.

Regardless of how challenging it seems to come up with small business blog ideas, these posts are essential to your business’s success.

Sure, you can ignore your business blog. But do you really think your competition is going to stop focusing on its blogging efforts?

Your business might have a strange topic. Even with a weird topic, you should be able to create a blog that’s centered around it.

Your audience has a desire for information and insight. And you’re the one who will fulfill those needs.

You’re the expert. And as an authority in your field, you need to be the one your audience turns to when it has questions.

You have a duty to provide your readers with something that’s going to add value to their lives. But why else coming up with small business blog post ideas important?

Well, you’re not just marketing blog topic ideas on your blog; you’re increasing your business’s visibility.

According to HubSpot, “One in ten blog posts are compounding, meaning organic search increases their traffic over time.”

With this statement, it’s easy to see what fantastic blog topics will do to promote your business. Keep reading for our list of the best ideas to find your business blog the attention it deserves.

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1. Blog Post Ideas Discussing Your Competition

You’re obviously not looking to promote your competition. But if there is something unusual about your competition you can discuss, this isn’t off-limits.

Look at how Android criticizes Apple in the video above. The commercial mocks Apple’s ads while showing how the company lacks certain features. While this is a video, writing about your competition is also effective.

2. Show off Your Processes in a Business Blog Article

What goes into your product or service? Is there a particular way of doing things that set you apart from the competition?

Use your blog to give your readers a window into what you do is something they’ll appreciate.

Taking this advice means you’re being transparent. This will help your business earn readers’ trust.

3. Help Your Readers by Making Information Easy to Digest

You can explain things in-depth. But your readers likely want the bite-size version of what you have to say.

Try taking any information they can use and breaking it down. This effort will give your readers useful information they can use, providing them with value.

4. Comparison Blog Post Ideas

Comparison posts show differences readers will be interested in seeing.

Anyone who has an interest in your niche will want to know what differences there are between products. Think of some of the most popular things in your niche and compare them to one another.

Using comparison posts to distribute information about products is highly impactful. These are reviews of several products, showcasing their pros and cons, and giving information about the pricing as well.

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5. Business Blog Post Ideas About Something BIG Happening

Whenever there’s something BIG happening in your industry, report on it on your blog.

You’ll want to bring attention to what’s happening. But this is also your chance to get in on the action.

These kinds of topics tend to trend when they’re fresh. This can bring your website and social media accounts more traffic than usual simply because the topic is trending.

You can also opt to discuss big things happening within your business.

Readers like to know what’s going on with your business. Discuss your successes and if you’re comfortable doing so, discuss your shortcomings.

You can even talk about how you’re planning to change your business to make it better.

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6. Blog Post Ideas That Tell a Helpful Story

Think about how you can provide your readers with insight.

Perhaps something happened to you that you’d like to share. Or maybe you can come up with a creative short story to show something of importance.

Regardless of how you choose to produce a helpful story, make it happen!

Your readers will engage if it’s something relatable. And if the story provides your audience with value, you’re on the right track.

7. Find Relevant Statistics

Finding statistics relevant to your industry is appealing in a variety of ways.

First off, your readers will begin to see your business as an authority. As long as the statistics are accurate, you’ll provide them with useful data as well.

Relevant statistics will also help to paint a picture of the industry for those interested in it. Giving these individuals this information allows them to become a part of your niche.

You’ll also help them expand their knowledge on your topic.

8. Take Something Random & Compare it to Your Topic

Sometimes you don’t need to compare things relating to your business.

Small business blog ideas are sometimes hard to find. And when they are, resorting to a bit of random comparison can produce the engaging content you need.

For example, you can take movies, songs, or something that is trending, and compare it to an aspect of your business.

“What Your Dog Can Teach You About Coming up With Blog Post Ideas” is an interesting topic. Perhaps we’ll create something comparable in the not-too-distant future.

9. Conduct a Product Review

You’re selling products, so you likely know all about them. And even if you don’t, Google is your best friend.

Look for information on your products, and create product reviews to help your readers.

Readers want to make the best decisions. And the way to make good choices is to become knowledgeable about the products they want. This is where you come in.

Write product reviews on your products to give your readers the insight they need.

Everyone wants to make an informed decision. And it’s your job to educate your readers.

10. Welcome Someone New to Your Team

Did you recently hire someone new?

That’s great! You should do a write-up about them.

Introducing your new team member to your readers will make them feel as though they’re a part of your team.

In turn, they begin hoping your business succeeds. And eventually, they’ll become your customers.

11. Show Your Readers Your Success

Your readers love to see you succeed. Especially if it means giving them juicy content to satisfy their content cravings!

Discuss any success your product or service is currently experiencing. In turn, you’ll give your readers a better understanding of your product.

Showing your progress can also work as a proofing, giving your readers another reason to trust your products.

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12. Show Your Failures

In business, your readers will appreciate the transparency you’re willing to offer them. But while you can show your failures, you don’t want to totally bad mouth your business.

Showing some moderate failures will show the real you. And this will give people more faith in what you say. This is how you’ll become more believable.

You can also post failures to help other people avoid the mistakes you’ve made.

13. Write an Open Letter Addressing Your Readers

What do you want to say to your readers? Perhaps a “thank you” is in order?

Well, regardless, this is a good idea for a blog post.

You might have something you want to say to them. And if you do, a blog post is a great place to do it.

Your blog is where you can engage your readers. So if you want to say something to them, the only better place to do it is a newsletter.

14. Show any Myths Relating to Your Industry or Niche

There might be some myths surrounding what you do for a living. Clear the air and show readers your knowledge about your products.

By giving your readers this insight, you might even be able to convince them to become paying customers. Showing the truth behind popular myths can help you become seen as an authority in your niche as well.

For example, if I were a National Forest Park Ranger, I’d probably write about Big Foot and Chupacabras or something. I’d analyze the evidence, creating content that highlights what these mythical (or are they?) creatures really could be.

I remember first-hand experiencing the captivating nature of myth-related content. My dad was always obsessed with Big Foot, Chupacabra, and ghost television shows. You know, the ones where a group of people would go out in the woods or stay at an abandoned house, conducting an overnight stake-out to see what they could catch on their high-tech equipment.

Back to content – this content is seriously captivating. And if you have some sort of myth you can dispel (or prove) in your industry, your audience will likely think so too.

15. Show People How They can use Your Product or Service

Give the benefits of using whatever you’re offering. You’re basically selling your product, except providing information to show it for what it is. This is something we’ve done for many of our clients, and we can do the same for your business.

Offering this kind of information to readers can help them picture themselves using your product. You might also be able to give readers a new idea on how they can use your product.

Need help coming up with blog post ideas? Perhaps you need a content marketing strategy focused on your business’s success.

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Your strategy should scale your success. We’ll analyze your business, your competition, your content, and your audience to plan and execute your search engine marketing strategy.

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No Strings Content

Your strategy should scale your success. We’ll analyze your business, your competition, your content, and your audience to plan and execute your search engine marketing strategy.

Start a Conversation

Start a Conversation

No Strings Content

Your strategy should scale your success. We’ll analyze your business, your competition, your content, and your audience to plan and execute your search engine marketing strategy.

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